4 shoulder exercises for boxers

For these exercises you need a minimal amount of props:
- blanket or towel

- strap, belt or rope

There you go. Your Boxer's Shoulders Yoga Tips are here. Try these to help you alleviate that tight, heavy, massive feeling in your shoulders that happens after lots of boxing. More so, these type of mobility exercises will help you recover faster and help prevent you from injury.

The most common injuries in boxing are:

- tendon tears
- (rotator cuff) muscle tears
- shoulder dislocation
- inflammation

To prevent this from happening, you need to keep your range of motion in the shoulder joint at it’s max, despite all the muscle development from boxing.

Here are 4 simple exercises you should consistently do, to stay injury-free, mobile and flexible in your shoulders:

1. V-shape standing shoulder rotation

Stand up straight and active, feet medium distance apart. In your hands hold a strap, belt or rope. Your arms form a reversed V-shape, so that means they are further apart than shoulder width. Keep your arms straight at all times as you slowly - in 20 seconds - bring the arms up over head. Feel your shoulders rotate in their sockets and feel your shoulder blades move. Once your arms are up, they form a V-shape. Then for 20 seconds try moving your arms back a bit further. In other words, rotate the shoulders a bit further and focus on opening your armpits, collarbones and chest. Don't loose the strength in your posture: abdominals are holding up. Take another 20 seconds to slowly bring your arms back down to your starting point.

2. Reclined shoulder rotation

Roll up a blanket or towel and place it under the full length of your spine while you lay down on your back. Keep your feet placed into the floor for support. You'll feel your shoulder blades hanging over the towel or blanket on both sides. Then bring your arms straight up, thumbs touching. Take 20 seconds to bring your arms down behind you. At all times keep the arms straight and active. Once your arms are over head, don't let them touch the floor, keep them just above it, for another 20 seconds. Then go back to your starting point in another 20 seconds.

3. Open your armpits and chest with puppy posture

Start on hands and knees, with your hips right above your knees. Keep the hips there. Your hands walk forward until your arms are straight and lower your chest down towards the floor. Feel how your chest, ribcage and head are heavy and let them drop down in the direction of the floor. Take big breaths and let exhaling help you to deepen this pose: hold for at least 90 seconds and increase the time each time you practice.

4. Eagle Arms

Sit on your knees with your abs active and look straight in front of you. Open your arms wide to the each side and feel your shoulder blades moving away from each other as far as possible. Then bring your arms forward, cross the right elbow over the left and let the back of your forearms and hands touch each other. Look on either side of your hands. Hold for at least 90 seconds until switching to the other side. 

    PS. If you are not specifically a boxer, but any other type of fighter, or you do weight training to develop muscle mass or strength in your shoulders, these exercises belong in your schedule as well.   --THANK ME LATER!!--

    I challenge you to give these exercises a try in the following week. Try doing them after your training and let me know how you feel about it on yoga@rickyflorack.com. Also tell me what you'd want to learn or read about next!

    I'm out, bosses!!