Fight tight hips with 3 easy stretches

Do you recognize that stiff feeling in your hip joints, groin and inner thigh muscles? It happens to me especially if I don’t train for a few days. In contrary, it could happen that a heavy training session leaves you feeling sore in those areas. Either way, there are ways to prevent or recover from this annoying feeling, so you can continue to kick ass asap!!

Because hip and thigh mobility/flexibility is life for you as a fighter, I'm sharing some of my favourite yoga postures that I practice with my students to fight tight hips. Amongst other poses, I like to play around with these 3, to prevent hips, groin and inner thighs from feeling stiff and rigid. We're talking low lunge, yogi squat, and side lunge.

  • Low Lunge

Low Lunge guidelines:
Keep your body weight at center. Strong abs. Back foot is on or off the toes. Lengthen the front of the hip and quadricep of the back leg. Inner thighs work to keep the legs from collapsing. Reach arms up. Keep front knee behind the ankle or above it. 
Optional: try gently pushing the front leg to the outside. (see pic) The foot will go on the outer edge. This way the hips get a chance to outwardly rotate. Work that mobility!!

Low Lunge works for: 
- inner thigh strength
- front hip/quad opening
- feet/ankles
- abdominals

Low Lunge bonus:
Lunges build focus for you. This pose has so many things going on at the same time to focus on, it NEEDS your full attention. 

  • Yogi Squat

Yogi Squat guidelines:
Medium distance between feet. Toes are pointing outwards. Heels on or off the floor. Drop your butt to the floor without resisting gravity. Active core and your chest is up. Push elbows into the inside of the knees. Look forward or slightly up.

Yogi Squat works for:
- groin area
- inner thigh stretching and strength
- hip mobility and range of motion
- feet/ankle strength

Yogi Squat bonus:
It's one of the best grounding postures. Great to practice for a minute or so, when you are too much up in your head. Worrying and overthinking won’t serve you. Get in this Yogi Squat, focus on the posture, breathe, center yourself. GROUND. AND GRIND.

  • Side Lunge

Side Lunge guidelines:
Coming from the Yogi Squat, keep one leg the same. Straighten the other leg to the side. Foot of the straight leg is pointed or flexed. The straight leg stays active so it doesn't drop. Look forward. Place hands in front of the heart, on the floor, or any other variation (see pics)

Side Lunge works for:
- groin area
- inner thigh stretching and strength
- hip mobility
- feet/ankle strength
- abdominals

Side lunge bonus:
This certainly is a balance posture. Practice focus, breathe slow and work those abs to hang in there without loosing balance!!



I challenge you to give these 3 postures a try: do them everyday before and after training over the next week. Let me know what your experiences are. Don't forget to tag your photos with #yogaformartialarts and #yogaforcombatsports.

Hey and forgive me, for living in this sun packed place at the Caribbean coast. I just can’t seem to keep my eyes open with all the sunlight. (as you all can see in the photos)
I love it though!! The sweat life is real, it might not be for everyone, but I thrive in this weather and won't ever get bored of it!!

I'm out, Warriors. Namaste, Osu.