Boost your testosterone with Yoga

After age 25 the level of testosterone in men goes down. Fast. (Warrior spirit or not...)

Sorry. If you didn’t know that, now you know.

Also, the average level of the hormone testosterone in men nowadays is way lower than it was in the 80’s. Science says it could easily be as much as 20% lower. Most likely this change occurred because of things like the polluted environment we’re in, artificial food we eat, high levels of radiation and stressful living. Need I say more?

We fighters need a healthy testosterone level to perform at our best. The benefits of a good testosterone production include:
More energy, better focus, muscle development, fat burning, longevity, anti-aging, and in case you wondered if I’d mention it: stronger libido and higher ability for reproduction.


Boost your testosterone the natural way, with yoga.

There are 2 things that you yourself have major influence on, that slow down your testosterone production:

  1. chronic stress
  2. being overweight and/or belly fat

Exactly these 2 things you can reverse with a consistent yoga practice:

We all go through stuff that’s stressing us out on a daily basis: work, bills, appointments and responsibilities. Next to that, our training puts ‘stress’ on our body. In other words: adrenaline!! And that makes the production of the hormone called cortisol to increase. When the amount of cortisol is too high too often, it triggers developing belly fat, and it oppresses the testosterone production. Yoga practice creates a feeling of rest and calmness, it slows you down mentally and physically, and helps you sleep better. That’s exactly what you need to reverse the high cortisol production, and make way for testosterone to work it's way back up into your dream-team.

Even if you are not theoretically overweight kilo-wise, you still could have belly fat. Having belly fat (either overweight or not) is something that slows down your testosterone production. Yoga practice will activate fat burning hormone, it fires up your digestion, and regulates blood sugar levels. Together with a lower cortisol production, these are the ingredients to start loosing weight and belly fat to bring back testosterone.


Is it a Man’s World then..??

Not at all. 
It seems like testosterone boosting has been more of a men’s topic. But the benefits of a healthy testosterone production are the same for us females. It prevents you from fatigue, it burns fat, it helps you focus, it works anti-aging and it strengthens your libido. With yoga you boost testosterone in a natural way, and therefore it won’t ever get you the side effects a chemical testosterone boosting treatment (I’m not recommending this!) has. So here’s another benefit of Yoga for Martial Arts, for both male and female fighters!!

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