Get into the good vibes

You know the expression ‘good vibes’, right? Short for ‘good vibrations’.  Also you know what it means when you say you are on the same frequency with someone. Both these expressions come from the literal meaning, since all beings vibrate on a certain frequency.

However, you and others around you are not always vibrating on the same frequency. There are people that are on a lower vibration/frequency, and those who are on a higher vibration/frequency. These vibrations are fluctuating, in synergy with your current levels of consciousness, happiness, and health. The higher you are vibrating, the more ‘attractive’ you will be for other people and the better you will feel about yourself: you are radiating good vibes!!

This concept of ‘vibration’ is very common to work with in yoga. A bit of knowledge about how to influence your level of vibration, is a very useful tool for everyone.

I had been thinking what this means for you as a dedicated professional or recreational fighter. Vibrating higher, for you, will result into being more focussed and having a clear mind, into thinking positively and realistic about your professional or recreational career, and into being a motivating person to others around you.

Here’s a list of things you can do to work on your consciousness and raise your vibration:

  • Watch what you put in your mouth. Food that is of the cleaner type will help you to vibrate higher. Biologic, eco-friendly, unprocessed food is way better for you than processed food full of additives. Also: veggies and fruits are known to have a higher vibration than meat for example. This means, a (partially) vegan or vegetarian lifestyle could help raise your vibration. Stay away from sugar. There are many alternatives, like natural honey or maple syrup, that are safe.
  • Time to rest, sleep and relax is important. Intentionally choosing to slow down a bit and do ‘nothing’, instead of always doing and thinking will do you good. In yoga terms: more savasana. In normal language: ‘f*ck it, I’m just resting myself this afternoon’. Great!
  • Physical self-care is something we tend to forget about. This is because our training makes us more resistant to pain than others of the human sort, and probably the resistance of actually giving in to having an injury. Try not to ignore health issues and injuries. Prioritise and solve them, for a healthy and functional body.
  • Get offline. Internet, and radiation of devices are so polluting for your mind, spirit, brain and body. Wifi signals and devices can interrupt clear thinking, memory, growth, clear vision and focus. I understand it’s one of the most difficult things to stay away from these days. But little adjustments like turning off wifi while you sleep will do you good.
  • Yoga and meditation practice are very powerful to work on consciousness and physical and mental health. They’re both known to be some of the greatest vibration raisers.
  • Watch the company you keep. Energies and vibrations are contagious. That means the people in your life have more influence on you than you might see at first sight. Their influence doesn’t stop with their actions and words towards you. Low vibrating people, aka toxic people, are often negatively influencing your energy level, your self worth or your positivity. Pay attention. And take distance when necessary. More practical: lying, manipulating, violence, anger and low self esteem could be signs of a low vibrational person.
  • Try cutting out the use of everything addictive. Obviously I’m talking about alcohol and drugs. But also unnecessary chemical medication/painkillers could be very addictive, just as caffeine, chemical nutritional supplements, and sugar. Last one is very dangerous.
  • Practice to be kind, and offering your help to others is a great way to raise your vibration. You never know what another person goes through or had been through. Small kind things could mean a lot to others. Being patient with training partners, giving your trainer a hand with whatever, actually saying it when you see another person improving, are all examples of how to get into a natural flow of a positive exchange of energy.
  • Stay humble, no matter what crazy career elevator you’re in! Learn always, listen to teachers, stay grounded, be NICE. Communicate. Need I say more? People with self worth just aren’t *ss holes, also they understand that there will always be people around them they can learn from.
I’m habitually positive. I try not to use anger as motivation.
— Urijah Faber


Besides becoming a more nice, and attractive human in general, once you ‘vibrate higher’ it becomes easier to deal with issues we are unavoidably come to face. Think of:

  • Fear of failure in both your career and in your personal life. Balancing that out is often not easy as we all know.
  • Miscommunication with trainers, students, promoters, family members, you name it.
  • Pre fight challenges: making weight, fatigue.
  • Post fight stress: injuries, a set-back because of loss, pressure that comes with winning.
  • Financial issues.

I guess it’s difficult to fully avoid all of the above, these examples are so typical for fighters. But, once you vibrate higher and are more conscious, it becomes easier to think clear and relativize. Next to that, believe me when I say you will attract more good people around you that will reach out to support you, once you are on a high vibrational frequency

What are your thoughts on this? I like to challenge you to consciously try some of the things stated above. Give it some time, and let me know your experiences. 

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