My Story


Originally from the Netherlands, I am now spending my time between Playa del Carmen, Mexico, The Netherlands and the USA. You could say I’m a location independent yoga instructor, and very grateful for that. I’ve been a certified yoga teacher since 2015, and fully enjoying studying, sharing and teaching my yoga practice. 

I’ve lived fulltime in Playa del Carmen from 2015-2019, where a fit, healthy and holistic lifestyle is so easy to maintain. The perfect balance for me became yoga and combat sports like boxing and MMA. They naturally came together as a perfect fit. My daily yoga practice insanely improved my overall fitness, focus and strength. This fact gave me a lot of insight and curiosity in what yoga can do for any type of athlete. I started teaching yoga at various martial arts gyms, working with athletes. My goal was and is to truly help fighters and really all athletes to succeed in their career with a little help of yoga. Some extra rounds on the yoga mat will help you breathe better and improve your velocity, stamina, flexibility, power and recovery. 

Next to teaching athletes, I've been teaching a number of yoga styles at various yoga studios in Playa del Carmen and creating lessons for private clients. There's so much fulfilment in studying and teaching yoga that I am constantly looking for new ways to do so, and new audiences to share with. I love to come to an event or retreat and teach a class or workshop as a guest teacher, the same way as I love teaching my own regular groups or at my own event. 

You can't be a student and teacher of yoga without taking your teachings with you off the mat. I try living consciously, act and speak intentional and from a kind heart, to take care of my physical health and emotional wellbeing, to share and to motivate others around me to be their happiest peaceful dopest powerful selves.

What I know by now is that I love in-person teaching way more than teaching in any other form. I believe it's the best way to transmit my knowledge and to cater to each student at my best. Therefore I'm available for teaching -anywhere- even if that requires traveling.

Did I mention the ocean yet? The Caribbean Sea has a special place in my heart and teaching SUP Yoga is one of the ways I get to enjoy being on/in the water right of the coast in Mexico!

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Here's a random little Q&A to get to know some facts about me and my yoga.

Music and yoga practice?
Sometimes not. Quietness en silence can be golden, and allow you focus and to listen closely to your inner voices, crackles, prana, fluidity and fire burning.
Just as golden for me can be some music that makes be breathe to the beat. As an 80’s baby and former dancer I love me some hiphop. My yoga tune can be anything from that, to reggae, r&b, experimental, or acoustic singer/songwriter stuff.
In my classes though, you can expect a mix of world music, ambient, acoustic sounds and sanskrit mantras.

Any book recommendations?
I’m reading and re-reading so much this year. You become what you consume, right? Here are some of my favourites:
- Perfectly Imperfect - Baron Baptiste
- The Hidden Life of Trees - Peter Wohlleben
- The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley
- Hijos de las Estrellas - Maria Terese Ruiz (in Spanish)
- Milk & Honey - Rupi Kaur
- Grit - Angela Duckworth
- Becoming - Michelle Obama

Sanskrit word of the day?
Purna पूर्ण : wholeness, oneness, all and everything.

Message to your students?
Breath over asana: breathe first.
And I like to remind them of the most valuable lesson I learned through yin yoga: use the posture to get into your body, instead of using your body to get into the posture.

What else?
No one is me, that's my superpower. No one is you, that's your superpower.
Still: I'm another you and you're another me. 

So you really like combat sports, like you’re aggressive like that?
Aggressive nah. But, I love boxing and other combat sport styles. I’ve been training for years already and it of all sports it has a special place in my heart. It taught me many of the same things yoga teaches you: your power to give and take, intent and focus, movement and endurance, distance and nearness, response and initiative.

Favorite asana breakthrough?
Anuvittasana. This standing back bend was a pain in the **s for me. But I got it. I got it. I got it. With patience and perseverance I discovered my way of practicing this pose in a liberating way. I'd love to teach you too.

And whenever you're not on the mat?
Travel. Boxing. Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP). Long walks with my dog Paco. Beach. Reading. Writing. Zouk dancing. Holding interesting conversations. Finding delicious fruits and other goodies at the local markets. Also, I work in photography, photojournalism and digital marketing. It’s my ‘other’ career: so many parallel worlds we’re living in.

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My Resume



Education & Certification:

2018 – Akenara Yoga at Casa Ananda, Playa del Carmen
10-hr El Arte de Sequenciar (art of sequencing) / Vinyasa Krama

2018 – edX/HarvardX, online course
Hinduism Through Its Scriptures

2017 – Rachel May Welch at Casa Ananda, Playa del Carmen
30-hr Ayurveda Intensive on diet, asana and lifestyle

2016 – Fally Love Weiss, Tulum
Thai Yoga Massage Certification courses:
-Thai Yoga Massage level 1
-Thai Yoga Massage Therapeutics

2015 – Arielle Thomas Newman at Yoga by the Sea, Playa del Carmen
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
Hatha yoga and it's alignment, anatomy, philosophy

2015 – Yoga by the Sea, Playa del Carmen
Yoga teaching modules:
-Post- and prenatal yoga
-Restorative yoga
-Yoga for healthy aging

Studio Teaching Riviera Maya:

2019 - The Gym, Playa del Carmen
Booty-Mind-Stability, fitness/yoga training

2018 - Academia Predatory, Playa del Carmen
Corporate yoga at Bahia Principe Resort

2016-2017 - Underdog Fight club, Playa del Carmen
Yoga for Martial Arts (sports yoga for recovery)

2016-2017 – Shalita Yoga, Playa del Carmen
Hatha, vinyasa yoga

2016 – The Union, Playa del Carmen
Yoga for Martial Arts

2016 – Peaceful Warrior Fight club, Playa del Carmen
Yoga for Martial Arts

2015-2019 – Yoga by the Sea, Playa del Carmen
Hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin yoga




2019 - KNGdestinations + Up In The Air Life, Playa del Carmen
- Yoga teacher

2019 - Yoga Vacation for Food Lovers, Playa del Carmen
- Co-host and yoga teacher

2019- Jodie Becker Fitness Vacation, Playa del Carmen
- Guest yoga teacher

2018 - Graduation Retreat by Love Yoga Studio, Playa del Carmen
- Guest yoga teacher

2018 – Yoga & Surf Retreat, Ericeira, Portugal
- Hostess and lead yoga teacher

2018 - Lululemon Mexico City Sweaty Sundays
- Ultra Deep Yin Recovery for athletes and non-athletes

2017 - Lululemon Mexico City Sweaty Sundays
- Yin Yoga

2017 - My Freedom Retreat by Lita Lewis, Puerto Morelos
- Guest yoga teacher

2017 - International Yoga Day, Akumal
- Summer Solstice ceremony and yoga practice

2017 - Yoga into Spring! Yoga Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
Teaching workshops:
- ‘Yoga for a Warrior State of Mind’
- ‘Ayurveda and Yoga’
- ‘Spring time Restorative Yoga’

200-RYT with Yoga Alliance (900+ teaching hours)


2019 - FuckUpNights Playa del Carmen, speaking engagement
2017 - House Hunters International appearance
2017 - TV Azteca on SUP YOGA at Aloha Paddle Club