Private Yoga

whenever • Wherever • (we're meant to be together) 

For everyone that wants to practice yoga occasionally, or regularly.
In English, Dutch or in Spanish.
At the comfort of your own home or at your holiday accommodation. Alone or with your small group.
No matter what your level of practice is, I believe yoga is for everybody. Everybody with a body has a yoga body. Everybody with a yoga body can develop a yoga mindset and spirit through practice.
I will guide you through a practice suitable for you and/or your group so you can enjoy the many benefits of it.
Yoga ultimately means unity and oneness, and for that I believe yoga practice is inclusive: no matter your age, body shape, level of fitness, your beliefs, your color of skin or sexual identification/orientation.
Don't hesitate to contact me, I'd love to meet you.

rates from $25,- usd per person • $90,- usd small group session • special rates for riviera maya local residents 


Yoga Styles

Personalized • always 

A complete yoga practice involves many aspects. We will spend a lot of time practicing the physical, the yoga postures: the asanas. But not without guiding you to get in touch with your breath first, and a moment of grounding and intention setting through meditation. 

Most of my classes will be hatha yoga based, and from breath work we will move into practicing the asanas. 

Your class could be a vinyasa yoga class, meaning that we'll flow through the practice moving in and out of postures with each breath we take. This way we truly work on embodying the flow of life itself and learn to move physically and mentally flexible, strong, gracious, powerful and confident through challenging situations. 

Yin yoga is a yoga style I love teaching. Great for general tissue health, (sports) recovery and a beautiful opportunity to go deeper into certain areas of the body and/or organs and/or emotional issues.

For those looking for a very low (non-) impact, more relaxing, and healing practice, restorative yoga can be a good choice. We should take the time more often to consciously slow down and relax to release and let go of stress, worry and fatigue. 

Combat sports fighters and other athletes I teach with special attention to their needs. A yoga class for you will only benefit your fitness level and your performance in your sport, and not ever get in the way of it. On- or off season.