By the way my first yoga class was great, I felt the Caribbean breeze run through my body. Awesome experience. Yoga for Martial Arts: I’m in.
— Josué Koljaiczek, muay thai fighter at Black Wolf Fightclub, Playa del Carmen

It was my last class with you today (at TAO Wellness Center, Akumal). Thank you again for a brilliant four weeks of yoga! I have loved your guidance and ability to push us that little bit more each time, sometimes without us always realising it. It’s been perfect balance of soft and hard, swift and slow, yin and yang. I’ll miss you and your classes. Thanks for everything.

— Sam Bevington, United Kingdom

My wife and I enjoyed three amazing Yoga sessions with Ricky.

What was amazing was that each session was different, and I benefitted enormously from each one. We did a normal Hatha class, a Yin (Restorative) class, and a more intense Hatha class with some flows and balancing postures.

Ricky showed incredible versatility as an instructor, capable of leading the class into deep, relaxing meditations, and also pushing our limits and giving us a great workout.

All of this made for a special week, since I was able to cultivate both my mind and my body, and I walked away with a deeper sense of Yoga as a technique for creating inner peace (not just a workout). Thanks Ricky!
— Owen and Leah, Toronto Canada.

Ricky Florack is an AWESOME teacher who really makes sure you progress every single minute let alone class!
— Shelly Baker, (aka thebellyshaker), United Kingdom

Una persona que hace la que le apasiona y ¡lo sabe trasmitir en sus clases! Gentil pero que te empuja a superar retos, gracias teacher Ricky por la motivación.
Súper recomiendo sus clases de Vinyasa.
— Monica Aguila Baeza, canoer, Playa del Carmen

A little reach in gratitude to the accomplishments this morning. Thank you Ricky for coaching me into a new posture in our morning routine.
— Branden Elde, kite surfer + RYT-200, Alaska, USA.

Ricky is my absolute favorite yoga teacher to learn from and practice with. Her classes are always the exact dose I need of either energy and fun, or, grounding and learning to breathe and relax. Her classes inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself, but even still, I love to go back and take classes with her.
— Regina Anaejionu, RYT-200 + kettlebell + boxing for fitness instructor, Austin Texas, USA